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Chef John Satish

International Chef, John Satish was born and raised in Madras, India (Chennai), and has over 20- years of experience as an Executive Chef, at 5-star hotels located in Dubai, Australia and Europe. Chef John specializes in Indian, Asian and Mexican cuisines, featuring authentic dishes such as; Chicken Tikka Masala, Malabari Shrimp, and Spiced Crusted Salmon. His desserts are a culinary delight, featuring Pistachio Ice Cream, Raspberry Rice Kheer, or Ras Malai, to name a few. Whatever your international preference.

Global Taste

Our International Chefs have years of experience creating spectacular meals in many regions of the world, featuring culinary featured in Dubia and India,specializing in Chicken Tikka, Malabari Shrimp Soup and Spice Crusted Salmon. Our desserts are a culinary treats featuring Pistachio Ice Cream, Rasberry Rice Kheer, or Ras Malai, just toname a few Whatever your preference, our Chefs are here to meet al your culinary needs.